Have you ever gone for a dip in the lake and felt sludge under your toes, smelled a foul odor, or noticed a large pile of foam floating in the water? This is fish waste plus uneaten food protein and dead plant matter. Our solution? MICROBES! 

Microbes are natural, beneficial bacteria that enhance your water quality, eliminate organic waste matter, improve the environment for aquatic life and plants, and so much more in a non-chemical, environmentally friendly way.

We rid your water of muck in 16 scheduled treatments over the course of one year. Each dose is measured precisely to eliminate the problem effectively, with or without boat clearing services. No need to remember when to dose, our team will come out to dispense the microbes in your water on the scheduled dates. 

Contact us today to set up microbe treatments for chemical free removal of muck!

SF Aquatics is an approved distributor of Microbe-Lift through Ecological Laboratories.