An Aquasweep is another way to keep your water clear of muck and sediment all year long! It is a small but mighty machine that uses a ½ hp, ¾ hp, or 1 hp motor (more horsepower, more range) to push away debris on either the top or bottom of your water. 

It can keep your waterfront, canal, or dock area clear of algae, trash, and decaying debris on the surface of the water or can be used to blast away weeds, muck, silt, and decaying leaves on the bottom.  

Three mounting options are available: floating, freestanding, and dock mounted. It fully adjusts in any position, giving you the ability to choose which placement works best for you. Lake bottom range of 50-75 feet and surface range of 100-200 feet. 

Check out photos of this powerful machine below!

Floating Mount:

Freestanding Mount:

Dock Mounted:

We proudly offer Aquasweep products and photos provided by Scott Aerator Co. LLC.