Here in Highlands County one thing we have a lot of is water. These days ponds are showing up everywhere, whether we intend them to or not. Luckily, here at SF Aquatics we can help maintain the life and appearance of your ponds!

Sure, we all love a pond but they can require some maintenance. Left untreated ponds are more vulnerable to algae population explosion. This is because of heat, lack of oxygen flow and lack of circulation in the water. Noxious odors are released, and fish & plant life die off causing a nasty sceneā€¦

One way we can help is with the use of an aeratorAerators add oxygen to your pond, discourages the formation of algae, promotes healthier fish, clears murky/discolored water, and improves the ecosystem overall.

The types of aerators available are:

We proudly offer aerator products and photos provided by Scott Aerator Co. LLC.